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We are residents of Tiverton. We are parents, teachers, nurses, neighbors, volunteers and leaders in our community. We share the same experiences as you, and feel the same frustrations. Our experiences range. Some of us are new to town and bring fresh perspectives and ideas. Others have spent over two decades in public service, providing our time and passion to help the town grow.

We are different in our experience and perspectives but aligned in our goal of making Tiverton the best place it possibly can be. Our ability to collaborate and communicate will help the Town move forward. We are committed to you, the residents, and we are committed to Tiverton.

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Ballot Number: 1

Employer & Title
Office of Hearing Operation-Social Security Administration Hearing Office Legal Assistant

Number # of years lived in town
I have lived in Tiverton for over 43 years now.  I grew-up here having attended Fort Barton Elementary School, Tiverton Middle School, and Tiverton High School.

Unlike many of my challengers, this is my first year running for elected office in Tiverton.  I have over fourteen years of public service experience with the Social Security Administration.  Having concerns over town issues, I decided to attend almost every Town Council meeting over the past two years.  I am very familiar with many of the town’s personnel members, typical issues before the council, and procedures to which they are to be followed.

Why are you running?
Working a full-time job in Providence, being a husband, father, son, and home owner, had left me with little time to even think about public service with the town.  But now with the graduation of my daughter from Tiverton High School and going to college in Vermont, I believe now is the time to dedicate to the town that I owe so much.

How are you uniquely qualified to serve the needs of Tiverton residents?
Having lived and volunteered here for over forty three years, you can't help but know and care for the people of Tiverton.  Back in the early 1990’s, my father, also named William Vieira, served on the Personnel Board and Charter Commission.  He taught me the importance of public service, effective communication skills, but most importantly, listening to people and their opinions and problems.

What are your top three initiatives?
In addition to the everyday town issues and various agenda items that will addressed throughout the next two years, I would also like to address the following items:

  1. Initializing the closure of the town landfill and how Tiverton disposes of their trash and continue construction of the new recycling center.

  2. Ensure accountability for building and grounds maintenance.

  3. Work with department leaders, groups, organizations, and individuals to promote a town-pride type of atmosphere.

Candidate Statement:
Ask yourself, what do residents want from Tiverton? Is it a quiet, waterfront town where you can relax at the end of the day? What do many parents want from Tiverton? For me, it was a community that supports its schools, music, arts, and sports in a safe and inspiring atmosphere. What do local businesses want in Tiverton? Most owners might say a place to excel that is supported by residents and town officials. We understand your concerns. That is why this group of individuals are running on November 3rd. No one wants to pay more for services than they are required. In these times, we all need to be fiscally responsible. The other ticket running in this election does not own these values. What our ticket does own is the fact that we care for our neighbors. We care that services you enjoy and depend on are funded to the best of our abilities. I have the privilege to be running with an experienced and educated group of professionals. These hard-working public servants will be prepared to discuss agenda items without the need for constant workshops. We will return your calls and e-mail in a timely fashion. Finally, I am honored to be associated with these people who have called Tiverton their home for more than a decade. With this type of devotion, you can see why we are Committed to (you) Tiverton.



Ballot Number: 4

Employer & Title
I am currently a Consultant to Cornish Associates a Providence based real estate investor and developer. I am a lawyer and the retired European Managing Partner ( UK based for 19 years) of the Boston law firm Brown Rudnick. I have worked in banking and ran a national real estate development business. I serve on a number of Boards and am currently a Trustee of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and I am the Chair of the RISD Museum.

Number # of years lived in town
Fifteen years, full-time. We bought our house in 1978 but lived in various places in the US and abroad as work required.

I have never run for public office before. I have been a lawyer for almost 50 years and spent the last 25 years of my career working as partner for Brown Rudnick, I Chaired their Financial Institutions practice  for several years and then spent almost 20 years in London running the firm’s European practice. For several years I ran the largest retail banking business in New England and a large real estate development company with projects in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, North Carolina and California. I was a trustee of Brown University for several years and served in the Boards of many other Rhode Island non profits. I was special counsel for the Clinton Healthcare Access Initiative working on African projects from 1994- 1997.

Why are you running?
I love Tiverton and I would like to try to be helpful to the Town. I am no longer working full time. My daughter and son in law live in Tiverton with their family. My 3 grandchildren all have attended Tiverton School since Kindergarten. We are now based here full time and I would like to contribute what I can to the Town.

How are you uniquely qualified to serve the needs of Tiverton residents?
Over the past 42 years my wife Cindy and I have been active in Tiverton. We restored the Provender building and several other historic buildings at Tiverton 4 Corners. Cindy founded Provender Fine Foods and for several years had a staff of 21 .I love the character of the Town and its diversity and we have invested time and money over many years in trying to promote economic vitality .

What are your top three initiatives?

  1.  I would like to launch an initiative to promote TIVERTON as one of the best towns in New England in which to live or start a business.

  2. Do my best to assure that our town’s wonderful beaches, recreational facilities and open spaces are protected and enhanced.

  3. Do my best to assure that -to the extent possible- all new developments enhance the character of our Town and strengthen its economy.

Candidate Statement:
Over the past several years our Town politics have become confrontational and too often our town officials put more energy into abusing one another rather than working collaboratively for the best interests of the Town and its residents. We have to focus on constructive , achievable initiatives and work together. We need collaboration NOT confrontation!



Ballot Number: 6

Employer & Title
I am a Physical Therapist and the Manager of Rehabilitation Services at Morton Hospital.  I oversee a large, active department consisting of Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Pathologists, Audiologists and support staff. 

Number # of years lived in town
I have lived in Tiverton all my life.  My husband and I raised our three children here.

I have been on the Tiverton Budget Committee for 6 years and involved in other community and political groups and activities over the years.  I have also been involved in many local youth groups including dance, sports and theater while my children were growing up.  My professional career includes budget development and personnel management, as well as union negotiations with two professional unions. 

Why are you running?
Elective office is a way of giving back to our community. I love our town and want to be part of its' growth and development. I have been a member of the Budget Committee for 6 years. One of the many challenges of the Budget Committee has been the inability to change policy. I look forward to working with Tiverton's department heads and other town employees. I want to help improve the inner workings of our town.

How are you uniquely qualified to serve the needs of Tiverton residents?

I have been on the Budget Committee for 6 years. The current situation with Covid-19 has made developing the 2021 budget extremely difficult due to the massive cuts in revenue we have experienced. The budget cuts we have proposed have been deep and painful, but we have worked extremely hard to protect municipal services and quality schools as much as possible. I have worked with the Town Council, School Committee and individual department heads in developing a town wide budget. I have worked within the financial constraints facing our community to develop fair budgets for all our residents. In my professional career I have over 30 years of managerial experience developing and overseeing a million dollar plus department budget, managing personnel and working proactively in a union environment which all relate to situations facing the town.  I am a lifelong Tiverton resident. I raised my family here. I care about all our residents. I commit to listen to all sides of issues and make decisions which will be in the best interest of bringing our town forward.  As a lifelong resident of Tiverton, I know what is important to our citizens.  I know that we can overcome the division among our residents.  We are one town with residents of all ages with varying needs.  I am empathetic to the needs of all and will work to promote harmony in our choices.

What are your top three initiatives?

I want to help our town retain its character, yet still have controlled growth. Important this upcoming year will be managing the budget; capping the landfill; maintaining quality education within Covid restrictions; and returning to some type of normalcy so that our residents feel safe returning to activities and enjoying our beautiful waterways and open spaces.

Candidate Statement:

I love our town and I want the best for all our residents. I will work so we can find balance. I want good quality schools, a safe community and ample space for recreation and leisure activities. We also have many great residents who want the same as I do and are already working extremely hard to improve Tiverton. I want to support their efforts. I want to be part of the Town Council to help garner and support that energy.  I would like to be part of the positive change that is happening in Tiverton. I will work to help define the growth and assist with policy making. We are in uncharted times, and the next few years will be challenging to overcome and take Tiverton forward.



Ballot Number: 8

Employer & Title
Registered Nurse at St Anne's Hospital for 38 years

Number # of years lived in town
52 years.


I've been an elected official for the town of Tiverton for 16 years. I've served on the school committee from 2000 until 2008 . I was chairman of the committee for 5 years. I was then elected to the town council in 2012. I have served on the council since.  During these 4 terms I have been their vice president for 4 years and their president for 3. I am currently the vice president.

Why are you running? How are you uniquely qualified to serve the needs of Tiverton residents?
I am running because I feel my experience that the citizens of Tiverton have allowed me will be beneficial to the town. There are many more challenging issues to deal with. My knowledge on these issues will help the others that hopefully will be elected with me. The town council is a very challenging position. I have enjoyed this challenge and will continue to do my best. I am learning every day and I am willing to take this knowledge and help make Tiverton a better place to live. I have lived here most of my life and chose to raise my 2 daughters here. This town is very special to me. I believe all above make me uniquely qualified to serve Tiverton.

What are your top three initiatives?
If I am fortunate enough to get elected again I will work very hard to work collaboratively with the people I am elected with. We need to work together in a professional manner and be respectful to opposing positions. Agreeing to agree to disagree and move forward. What is the most important thing is listening to everyone and being open minded to other opinions.

Keeping our taxes reasonable but still maintaining services is another one of my initiatives. Developing a capital plan and trying our best to follow it. The casino revenue has been a very controversial subject as of late. I believe using these funds for capital expenses is the fiscally responsible thing to do. By using these funds for major purchases will alleviate the expenses of bond payments and will decrease taxes. This capital fund will be reviewed by the budget committee with the requests from the town council and school committee and incorporated in their budget for the voters consideration. Part of this initiative is reviewing our budget process per charter. Now that we have worked with the ftr process for several years we need to examine the good points as well as trying to fine tune some of the process that could work better.

When this new council is elected one of their top priorities will be the landfill closure and continue a future trash plan This includes a recycle station. Hopefully the DEM will grant an extension for the landfill until the summer of 2021.  The plan needs to move forward so the town is ready when the landfill is closed.

Candidate Statement:
I hope the citizens of Tiverton will elect me and allow me the honor of serving them for another term. For all the reasons stated above I believe I will serve the town well. I know my decisions will not be liked by all but know that I will do the research and make the best informed decision for our town.  Thank you for your consideration!

Jay Edwards.jpg


Ballot Number: 10

Employer & Title

Number # of years lived in town
37 years.

Four years on Budget Committee, one as Chairman.

Why are you running?

Having experienced the years of infighting and discord within the Town Council, and Town government in general, it is time to put it all aside and elect people to the Council who are able and willing to work together for the good of Tiverton.

How are you uniquely qualified to serve the needs of Tiverton residents?
Having served on the Budget Committee for four years, this year as chairman, I have a better then average understanding of the challenges we face as a Town. I keep abreast of what is going on within all committees and departments by attending or watching their meetings. I have frequent conversations with department heads to gain a better understanding of their needs and unique problems. I read the posted committee and boards posted agendas, and the attachments, to better understand who is doing what and why. As a retired military member I learned how to work within an organization and for its’ best interests.

What are your top three initiatives?

  1. Changing how we account for and use any future casino revenue. 

  2. Modifying the FTR process somewhat without materially changing its overall intent and purpose.

  3. Broaden the tax base to shift some of the burden of taxes from residential to commercial enterprise. This will require that the town actively solicit low impact business enterprise.

Candidate Statement:
As a Town we need elected officials who are not entrenched in the past and are willing to move forward with ideas and actions that best serve the needs of our entire community. The infighting and animosity needs to end. We need to work harder to encourage public participation in the Towns’ affairs and not just on social media. During my short time on the Budget Committee I believe that I have demonstrated some of the essential qualities we should expect from our elected officials ie: respect for the public and local officials, willingness to debate and change my position if warranted, doing the research necessary to make a sound decision based on available facts, ability to reach a consensus, willingness to lead. While I do not believe that the Town Council should be able to do whatever it wants without public input I do expect it to take a leadership role in town affairs, especially in times of crises, as was done this year. As soon as practical afterwards the Council should invite public debate and obtain voter approval of its’ actions. Nothing of a permanent nature should be done without voter approval.


Ballot Number: 16

Employer & Title:
RI Department of Children, Youth and Families, Administrator

Number # of years lived in town:
19 years.

35 years of experience working in Non-Profits and State Government, including 20 years as the Legislative Coordinator for DCYF; 6 years on the Tiverton School Committee; 1 Year as Tiverton Financial Town Meeting Moderator; 3 years on the Board of Directors of the Tiverton Land Trust, including 2 as Treasurer; 8 years as Chairman of the Tiverton Democratic Town Committee.

Why are you running?
Tiverton needs leaders who have a vision for the Town that is forward-thinking while respectful of our history.  It needs leaders who are upfront about their perspectives while open to listening to others and finding the best solution to the challenges we face.  It needs leaders who are focused on building our community and not simply taking care of themselves.

I have proven to be such a leader.  I learned from my parents the value of community and the importance of giving back to your community.  I have been a public servant for over 20 years and worked in non-profits for 15 years before then. Throughout that time I have been sought out to implement programs and projects because I am viewed as a team player who can lead through the steady times and times of crises.  I am viewed as someone who can work effectively with those within different perspectives provided they want to work effectively too. 

How are you uniquely qualified to serve the needs of Tiverton residents?
I don’t know that any person is uniquely qualified for public office.  My most significant qualification is that I am passionate about Tiverton and seeing Tiverton grow while doing so in a manner that is smart and doesn’t negatively impact the beauty that draws others to us.

What are your top three initiatives?

  1. Council Integrity:  Over the past few years, we have seen individuals get on the Council to push their own personal agendas to the detriment of Tiverton as a whole.  This has eroded confidence in the Council and the important work of the Council.  My focus will be on viewing issues through as broad a lens as possible and to do so with fair and effective processes.

  2. Economic Development:  Tiverton needs an effective economic development plan that builds our tax base while stressing the critical importance of our rural areas.  This begins with using Casino revenues smartly by investing in critical infrastructure needs, using a portion for economic development planning and implementation and setting some aside for planful, future infrastructure needs.

  3. Abolish the Financial Town Referendum (FTR): The FTR is promoted by a small group of individuals who pretend to be fiscal conservatives but do not know the meaning of fiscal responsibility.  The FTR is a smokescreen meant to make people think they have a say in our finances but which does nothing to ensure responsible budgeting.  We stop being a testing ground for anti-government activists and replace the FTR with a process that allows for sane, rationale and fiscally responsible budgeting and budget implementation.

Candidate Statement:
My family and I moved to Tiverton because we fell in love with Tiverton’s beauty and to be near the water.  We have stayed here because we have become a part of this community, believe in its future and continue to be awed by its beauty.  I jumped into public service in Tiverton within my first two months by filling a School Committee vacancy.  I served for 6 years on the School Committee and successfully moderated the largest Financial Town Meeting in Tiverton’s history.  After leaving elected positions, I have continued to do what I can to support Tiverton.  I believe my skills, knowledge and experience will be an asset to the Town Council and to Tiverton.


Candidate for Town Clerk

Thomas R. Buchanan is a father of four, husband to his beautiful wife Nickie, animal lover, friend, and retired U.S. Navy, who has lived in Tiverton, with his family, since 2015. He actively supported the FY2020 Budget 2 and was an energetic participant in the history-making Recall Election. He is a member of the Tiverton Library Foundation Board of Directors and has focused on fundraising initiatives within the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic. He volunteered as a parent, meeting with school administrators and teachers through early planning for strategies to return our children to school in the safest way possible and enthusiastically supports local Parent Teacher Organization efforts. In his spare time, he advocates against pineapple consumption, especially on pizza. Thomas is ready to work for you.

Born and raised in central Utah, Thomas served his community as an Emergency Medical Technician, providing lifesaving medical care to diverse communities across the Salt Lake Valley. He joined the U.S. Navy in July 2001 and dedicated his efforts to supporting the Global War on Terrorism for the next two decades, including working with local leaders to promote stabilization for their communities in a politically charged area of Afghanistan, until his retirement related to injuries sustained, in combat. Tiverton is a beautiful community and an exceptional place to live and grow. He and his wife are proud to raise a family in a community that understands the value of education, community, maintaining the local history, and natural resources while balancing the need for modernization.

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